A collection of resources and tools for 21st century teaching and learning.

How to Prepare a Winning Teaching Portfolio

The cornerstone of any job or grant application, a teaching portfolio is an educators calling card. We'll show you how to create yours.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Crafting a strong letter of recommendation should be more preparation than perspiration. Read on to learn how to use simple templates to create thoughtful and effective letters of recommendation.

What Do I Really Need in My Syllabus?

Whether it's your first syllabus or your fiftieth, here's what you need to know about building a better syllabus—inclusive, student-centric, and comprehensive.

How to Actually Get Your Students to Read the Syllabus

If you've ever wanted to tattoo "Read the Syllabus!" on your forehead, this one's for you: A collection of tips and tricks for building a more effective (and readable) syllabus.

6 Common Student Emails - and How to Respond

Student emails may be omni-present, but they don't need to run your life. Here’s how to respond to some of the toughest student asks.

Making the COVID-19 Classroom Bearable: 12 tips for teaching in masks

After a year of online or hybrid teaching, what do you need to know as you head back to the classroom?

12 Ways to Market Your Course and Increase Enrollment

Not a marketer? Not a problem. We've collected some simple, authentic tips for advertising your course and attracting more students.

Zoom Fatigue is Real. Here's How to Minimize It.

You're not alone: this year of virtual classes has led to digital exhaustion. Here are 6 ways to alleviate screen fatigue.

Productivity Hacks for Professors

A round up of our favorite (professor-approved) apps and platforms for streamlining tasks and maximizing productivity.

17 Icebreakers to Try in Your Next Class

Warming up a classroom is no small feat, especially in the age of remote learning. Here are some prompts to make it easy.