We’re on a mission
to reimagine the classroom.

Learning is in crisis.

The global pandemic has upended classrooms, sending millions into limbo. The transition to distance learning has accomplished ‘distance’, less so ‘learning’. The future of education feels simultaneously on the cusp of revolution and frighteningly uncertain.

COVID-19 may have triggered these tectonic shifts, but the problem it exposed is chronic and complacent—the technologies we use to facilitate learning are bloated, obsolete, uninspiring, and woefully inadequate. Without better infrastructure, crisis can’t make way for revolution.

We’re on a mission to reimagine it all. To reject the disappointing status quo of legacy Learning Management Systems. To architect a digital environment that places community and connection at the heart of the classroom, and agency back in the hands of educators and students. And to arm every community with the space and tools to make learning more empowering, more equitable, and more human.
Tessa, Erin, Tommy
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