Publish Your Course

About your course site

Unicycle’s course builder easily transforms your lengthy, static PDF syllabus into an interactive, student-friendly website (see an example).

Key features:

  • Make updates or unpublish at any time
  • University boilerplate goes on its own page to prioritize your content
  • Clear navigation helps students find what they need (and email you less)
  • Fully optimized for desktop and mobile, no coding or design skills needed
Professor view of Shakespeare class dashboard

Create your course

You can create a course for any Classroom. Here’s how:

  1. Click Classrooms from the left hand menu.
  2. Locate the classroom for which you want to add a new course.
  3. Click Create at the far right.
  4. That’s it, you’re ready to set up your course!
Setting up your course

At-a-glance contains all the vital, high-level information about your course, including the name of the course, professor and TA names and contact information, class meeting times, office hours, and video links.

Overview is where you’ll find your class DNA: course description, learning objectives, course materials, and grading policies.

Schedule is your dynamic course schedule. It includes auto-populated dates and space to add assigned readings, due dates, and holidays.

Policies is for your top-level policies, including academic integrity, technology use, and attendance. Use this page for your most important and personalized classroom policies. Save the institutional boilerplates for the Other Resources page. This helps your students prioritize what to read and distinguishes duplicative, university-level information from what is vital to your specific class.

Other Resources is intended for campus-wide resources, such as Title IX, Covid-19 accommodations, and accessibility. (Tip: Rather than cluttering this section with large sections of text, link out to campus resources when possible.)

Generate your course schedule

After you create a course, we’ll automatically generate a schedule for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. When setting up your course, select your Course dates (the beginning and end of the term).
  2. Select the days and time your class meets.
  3. Click Create
  4. Navigate to Schedule to view your course schedule.

Using blocks

Blocks are editable, customizable text blocks in the body of the course builder. You can add or remove as many as you’d like from any section.

Insert, modify, or delete a table

Insert a table

  1. Within the course builder, select the page where you want to add a table (e.g. Overview).
  2. Click into any block.
  3. Select the Table icon from the formatting toolbar to insert a table.

Adjust the column width of a table

Hover over the column’s vertical divider and drag it to the right or left.

Add or delete rows

  1. Click into any cell within your table to view the table toolbar.
  2. Click + Insert row or - Delete row

Delete a table
Click into any cell within your table to view the table toolbar. Then, click the Trash icon to remove your table.

Publish or unpublish your course

To publish:

  1. In the course builder, click Publish (top right).
  2. This will make your course viewable by your students (or anyone else you share the link with).

To unpublish:

  1. In the course builder, click the Publish dropdown (top right).
  2. Toggle to Unpublish
  3. This will revert your course to a draft state.
Edit your published course

To make edits to a live course:

  1. Navigate to the course builder and edit the contents you want to change.
  2. Once your edits are complete, click Publish to push your updates live.
Share your course

To share your published course:

  1. In the course builder, click the Publish dropdown (top right).
  2. Click Copy to copy the link to your clipboard.
  3. Share your link with your students at your leisure!