Getting Started

Create a Unicycle account

Getting started with Unicycle is simple—start here and you’ll be up and running in just a few minutes.

If you prefer to do it together or would like to request a demo, you can book a time with our onboarding team here. We’ll give you a tour and help you get set up.

Sign in to Unicycle

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Add a classroom or section

To add a classroom:

  1. Navigate to Classrooms and select Add a classroom
  2. Enter your course details (include section IDs if applicable).
  3. Add your student roster (view LMS export instructions) as a comma-separated list of email addresses (no spaces). If you have TAs, do the same for them.

To add another section to a classroom:

  1. Click the + icon in the section list.
  2. Enter your section details and student (and TA) roster.

You can also add a new classroom directly from the Inbox view. At the top of your inbox, you’ll see all of your active classrooms. Simply click the + icon to add another.

💡Tip: Many professors cleverly repurpose "classrooms" for other groupings like department, advisees, working groups, or newsletters. Feel free to do the same!

Export your student roster

Here are export instructions for the most common Learning Management Systems. If you don’t see your LMS listed or need a hand locating or inputting your roster, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Sign out of Unicycle

To sign out of Unicycle, click Sign out (bottom left corner).

Reset your password

Unicycle signs you in with Google, so there's no password to manage. If you'd like to reset your Gmail password, here’s how.

Cancel your account

We’re sorry to hear you're no longer interested in Unicycle! We hope you'll join us again soon.

To close your account, simply sign out of the Unicycle app. If you want to stop sharing your Google Account information with us, you can revoke Unicycle’s third-party access in your Google security settings (see Google's instructions for revoking third-party app access).

If you'd like to request to delete your data, please contact