Your 'Open' folder

You may have heard of a productivity method called 'inbox zero'. The idea is to remove the extraneous from your inbox, so it becomes a clear to-do list rather than an infinite, dread-filled storage center. Think of it like how you triage your physical mail—recycle fliers, respond to letters, file bills away for paying later—to empty your mailbox for what arrives tomorrow.

Inbox zero can be a challenging new habit to adopt if you’re used to sitting on tens of thousands of messages. Unicycle makes this easy to achieve: every time you send a message or respond to one, we automatically move the thread to your Done folder (don’t worry, you can still find it with search). If your recipient replies, we’ll bring it back to Open for you.

There’s no need to star or mark unread to flag messages for yourself, because everything you need to do (and nothing you don’t) will simply be ready for you in Open.