Setting up your course

At-a-glance contains all the vital, high-level information about your course, including the name of the course, professor and TA names and contact information, class meeting times, office hours, and video links.

Overview is where you’ll find your class DNA: course description, learning objectives, course materials, and grading policies.

Schedule is your dynamic course schedule. It includes auto-populated dates and space to add assigned readings, due dates, and holidays.

Policies is for your top-level policies, including academic integrity, technology use, and attendance. Use this page for your most important and personalized classroom policies. Save the institutional boilerplates for the Other Resources page. This helps your students prioritize what to read and distinguishes duplicative, university-level information from what is vital to your specific class.

Other Resources is intended for campus-wide resources, such as Title IX, Covid-19 accommodations, and accessibility. (Tip: Rather than cluttering this section with large sections of text, link out to campus resources when possible.)