Quicklinks 101

About quicklinks

Quicklinks are a set of relevant, frequently-used links that are automatically appended to the end of each of your messages. Try using these for items your students often have trouble remembering, like a link to your syllabus, Zoom, or Google Drive.

💡 Tip: Each classroom can have its own unique set of quicklinks. We'll know which set to display based on who you're messaging.

Create quicklinks

  1. To create quicklinks, click Inbox from the left hand menu.
  2. At the top of your inbox, select Open, then Quicklinks
  3. Input your Display name and URL, then click Save quicklinks
  4. Think of these as custom footers for each classroom. When you compose or reply to an email, we intelligently detect which quicklinks to include.

Edit, deactivate, and delete quicklinks

  1. To edit existing quicklinks, click any existing quicklink row, edit its contents, then click Save quicklinks
  2. To deactivate a quicklink, click the blue toggle to turn it gray. You can always reactivate it by toggling back to an active blue state.
  3. To delete a quicklink, click any existing quicklink row, click the trash icon, then Save quicklinks