Blurbs 101

About blurbs

Blurbs are shortcuts for your most common responses. Use them for saving and reusing text you type often, like grading policy reminders or every teacher's all-time favorite, "Please refer to the syllabus." Create a blurb once, use it forever.

Create or edit a blurb

You can create and edit blurbs in your blurb library. To get there, click Blurbs from the left hand menu.

  1. To create a new blurb: click Create blurb, input your title and content, then click Create blurb
  2. To edit an existing blurb: click any existing blurb row, edit its contents, then click Save blurb
  3. To deactivate a blurb: click the blue toggle to turn it gray. This removes it from the blurb search when you're writing messages. You can always reactivate it by toggling to an active blue state.
  4. To delete a blurb: click the trash icon.

Using blurbs

We designed blurbs to be instantaneous and always in reach. When composing or replying to a message:

  1. Type / to bring up a list of your blurbs.
  2. Search for the blurb you’d like to use by continuing to type after / (you can also navigate this list with your mouse or Up / Down arrow keys).
  3. Tap enter or click to select. Your blurb will be inserted directly into your message.
  4. Reminder: you can always edit or personalize the blurb further after inserting.

💡Tip: try stacking your blurbs—you can stack as many as you want!