Last updated: April 20, 2021
Source: state and local health departments
PreK-12 teachers and staff are
in Phase 1B, Groups 1-4
Higher education employees and staff are
in Phase 1B, Group 7

On April 19, Oregon opened up vaccinations to anyone 16 or older.

Commonly Asked Questions:
What does 'Phase' mean?

Because supply is currently limited, vaccination is occurring in stages with priority going to certain groups based on age, health condition, or profession. While the CDC has issued federal-level guidance, each state is responsible for creating and implementing their own vaccine distribution plan. This is why phases vary widely from state to state, and why we created this tool to ensure you get accurate, updated information based on where you live.

What if I’m not eligible yet as a teacher, but I qualify by age or health condition?

Most states are prioritizing people above a certain age threshold (65+ to 80+, depending on where you live) and those with higher risk medical conditions (e.g. type-2 diabetes, cancer, kidney disease). If you qualify by age or comorbidities, you are eligible to get vaccinated, regardless of your profession.

My state is vaccinating teachers. I’m a professor, can I get vaccinated?

In some states, PreK-12 and higher education educators, staff, and employees are categorized within the same phase. In most states, PreK-12 is taking priority in an effort to open more in-person schools safely. You can view your phase and eligibility in the ‘Higher education employees and staff’ section above.

I’m eligible, but I’m having trouble finding a place to get vaccinated. What should I do?

As vaccine supply continues to be limited, you may experience delays in scheduling appointments despite being eligible. We suggest checking with your school or district administrator, as many of them are working with local health officials to plan vaccination events for their employees.

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