Open Roles

Interested in our team, but don't see an applicable role? We'd still love to hear from you. Say hello—

Meet our Team

A collective of designers, operators, technologists, storytellers, community-builders, educators, and lifelong learners.

Benefits & Care

We believe people do their best work when they're energized, nourished, and supported. That's why we go beyond the status quo to provide benefits like 100% health insurance coverage, six-months of parental leave, and 10-year stock option exercise windows.
Work from anywhere
Competitive, equitable pay
100% health insurance coverage
Paid time off
Six months of parental leave
10-year stock option exercise
$500 to deck out your home office
$500 / year to always be learning

Working at Unicycle is defined not by what we build, but how we build it.

That doesn't mean our work isn't impactful (it is), or that we don’t value your experience, craft, ingenuity, and passion (we do). Rather, it means that too often, innovation is celebrated at the cost of the team behind it.

We're cultivating an environment where the way we work is as important as the work we do, and inclusion, kindness, and well-being always come first.

We hope you'll join us.