We're on a mission to reimagine the classroom.

Teaching has changed. We’ve expanded from analog to digital, from physical to virtual. What was once a room, a desk, a chair, is now a dynamic and boundless space, facilitating learning that goes far beyond a textbook.

You and your students have evolved to meet these shifts—so why haven’t your tools evolved with you?

We founded Unicycle on the shared belief that classrooms deserve better: better products, better resources, better support. Every day, educators experience overwhelming frustration while navigating inefficient workflows on clumsy, outdated tools—a challenge magnified tenfold in disruptive pandemic world.

We’re reimagining the classroom ‘operating system’, building new tools to simplify and streamline these workflows—so you can accomplish more by doing less, focus on what matters, and get back to what you love, teaching.

Come with us.