What if answering student emails didn't consume your life?

Less emailing, more teaching. Unicycle is the first inbox workflow tool made just for professors.

We redesigned your inbox so you can reclaim your time.

Filter messages by classroom
Fly through 'Open' to-dos
Blast class-wide announcements
Fire off routine replies
With Unicycle, you’ll do more by doing less.
Messages by classroom
Finally, student emails filtered out and sorted. No more context switching or roster-comparing.
Stop repeating yourself
Create once, use forever. Blurbs turn routine responses, announcements, and policies into instant shortcuts—right at your fingertips.

Just type '/' to search and send. Then go do something that isn't email.
Announcements built in
Forget navigating Blackboard or Canvas. Sharing class-wide updates is now (literally) as simple as sending an email.

Add flow to
your workflow.

Goodbye inbox infinity—a better way to communicate with your students is here.