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Syllabus for class about Chaucer
Goodbye 10-page PDF. Unicycle transforms your syllabus into a gorgeous, interactive, student-friendly course site.
Syllabus for class about Chaucer
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Your classroom is vibrant and dynamic. Shouldn't your course materials be too?

As a teacher, you open doors—doors to discovery and discourse, to French literature, to the microbiome, to songwriting, to your students' very first print ("Hello, world!").

Your syllabus is the gateway to exploration. Unicycle helps you make it digital, accessible, and exciting. Really easily.

Eliminate tedious tasks

Automate dates. Generate your course schedule in seconds.

Set global policies. Edit once, update everywhere.

One universal syllabus link. Relax! Unlike a PDF, it’s always up-to-date.
Course Setup
Syllabus schedule week 1Syllabus schedule week 1

Intuitive to use

Drag and drop. Easily move assignments, readings, or quizzes between weeks.

Create custom blocks.
Save what works for you. Then just duplicate.

Take your time.
Syllabi aren’t built in a day. Start a draft, edit whenever.

Focus on content,
we'll make it beautiful

Highlight what's important. Organized tabs for easy navigation.

Make it your own.
Embed images, videos, and GIFS.

Designed for accessibility.
Meets WCAG 2.1 standards. Optimized for web, mobile, print.
Example Syllabus overview for math classExample Syllabus overview for math class

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On the phone, on the go—Unicycle syllabi display beautifully on mobile.
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